Coloured Diamonds & Gemstones 15th June 2018 Spotlight on Kiwi jewellery designer Kat Gee Kiwi jewellery designer, entrepreneur and mother, Kat Gee, made her mark in the jewellery industry with her frst brand, Kagi, which specializes in elegant, versatile and stunning designs.
Fine Jewellery 5th June 2018 Meghan Markle’s Royal Sparkles With all the excitement around the royal wedding recently, we couldn’t help getting a little excited by the beautiful jewellery Meghan Markle wore as she elegantly walked down the aisle to marry her prince.
Coloured Diamonds & Gemstones 15th May 2018 How does your jewellery reflect your personality? We’ve all heard about personality types – introverts, extroverts, drama queens, wallflowers, organised, disorganised, kind, ambitious… In fact, you’ve probably done quizzes in Girlfriend magazine that tell you you’re “the life of the party”, “reliable but fun”, or that you “prefer popcorn and a DVD to a party”
Coloured Diamonds & Gemstones 20th April 2018 Discover your colour season All the leaves are brown...and orange and yellow and gold
Watches 5th April 2018 A brief history of timepieces From Sundials to Smart Watches – you have thousands of years of innovation on your wrist.
Fine Jewellery 25th March 2018 Diamond rings - from then to now From 100s AD Rome to 2018 Te Awamutu – it’s been quite a journey!
General 5th March 2018 All that shines may not be gold Gold plated jewellery has the look of gold, without the price tag. It’s a great option for fashion accessories. Here’s what you need to know about gold plated jewellery.
Coloured Diamonds & Gemstones 26th February 2018 Look after your jewellery this summer This summer has been generous with sunshine-filled days and temperatures that seem to keep rising. With a nationwide fan shortage, there is even more reason to dive into a delicious swimming pool or splash in the waves. But before you immerse yourself in the luscious, cooling waters, spare a thought for your precious jewellery.
Special Occasions 12th February 2018 Why we celebrate Valentine’s Day According to legend, hundreds of years ago, a mean Roman Emperor outlawed marriage for young soldiers.