Create your wish list and get a gift you love every time

Create your Wish List and get a gift you LOVE every time.

Have you ever been gifted a thoughtful piece of jewellery that just wasn’t your style?
Or perhaps you’ve tried to buy jewellery for someone as a gift and really struggled to choose, plagued by a feeling of uncertainty – will they like it? It can be a rather stressful and difficult process.

Our Wish List service is the perfect solution. 

Come in-store and add your favourite pieces to your very own Wish List. Then when it comes to special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or Valentine’s Day, just let your friends, family and significant other know about your Wish List and send them in to see us. We’ll show them the pieces on your Wish List and take all the hard work out of choosing you a gift. The best part is you get a gift you want and love, and they don’t have to worry if you’re going to like it. It’s a win-win!

Of course, you don’t just have to choose specific pieces of jewellery, but you could identify some key features to help narrow down the options. This is a great idea if there’s an engagement on the cards and you want your partner to know a few specifics about what you like (or don’t like), but still have the freedom to choose a specific ring. For example, you could specify features such as:

  • Colour/material – e.g. yellow/white/rose gold or platinum
  • Band width
  • Diamond cut – e.g. round or cushion cut
  • Height of setting
  • Stone size
  • Coloured stone
  • Finger size
Other details to consider specifying on your Wish List:

  • Preferred finger
  • Right hand or left
  • Necklace length
  • Hairstyle – for earrings
  • Earring style – e.g. studs or dangly earrings
  • Occasion
  • Fashion style
And of course, if you can’t find something that’s completely perfect, custom-designed jewellery is a specialty of ours. Our team will work one-on-one to create a beautiful, unique piece of jewellery, perfect for you.
At Showcase Jewellers Te Awamutu we pride ourselves on making sure all our customers have beautiful pieces of quality jewellery that they love. 

Come in and see us and we’ll help you create your Wish List.