10 Different ways to propose to your partner

For some, proposing is a scary ordeal, take a little time and plan your proposal, it can be as simple or extravagant as you want. Just remember, make it special, it’s an important moment in your lives.

If you can, have a photographer, or friend on hand to record the occasion – or even take a selfie.

Places like Spotlight or $2 shops are perfect hunting grounds for any props you might
need like boxes, paint, paper, cut-out shapes etc.

Remember the first question you’ll be asked after you announce your engagement will be “How did you propose?” So make sure you have a good story to tell!

Here are 10 different ideas to get you started on your perfect proposal.

  1. Choose a favourite place—whether it’s a restaurant, bushwalk, beach or mountain bike park – that has personal meaning to you both.  Once you’re there, ask someone nearby to take a picture of you together, and instead of posing for the photo, drop down on one knee…
  2. Set up a treasure hunt or car rally with your friends (let your friends in on the secret).  Send them on a tour of all your favourite spots ending the hunt with your proposal.
  3. Plan a romantic island destination getaway or visit to your local beach and write your proposal in the sand.  Or for a Lockdown equivalent, write your proposal in chalk on the footpath, driveway or steps.
  4. Create a collage that spells out, “Will you marry me?” using anything from ripped up magazines, packing tape to glitter. Surprise your partner with your masterpiece at home, work or on holiday
  5. For our romantic farmers, spray paint “Marry me?” on the end of a silage bale or old shed.
  6. Use a night time star app and while you’re star gazing, propose.
  7. Guy Fawkes night – propose with sparklers – write words in the air and get her to guess the words.
  8. Give her a mystery gift.  Inside is a little diary.  Write on 10 pages “Will”, the next 10 pages write “you” … and so on until “Will you marry me?” is written in the book – then once she opens the diary, get her to flick through it like a cartoon sketch – you could even add in a stickman figure proposing on bended knee.
  9. If you’re renovating your house, paint a chalk wall in one of the kids’ rooms and write your proposal on it once the paint is dry.
  10. Play a game of Charades with friends and your Charade is “will you marry me?”

These are just 10 of our FUN proposal ideas from our FREE E-Book “Buying and Engagement Ring – All you need to know”.  Click the link below for more engagement proposal ideas & info on what to look for when choosing your engagement ring.