Add a burst of colour to any occasion with a piece of precious coloured stone jewellery.

If you’re looking for something rare, distinctive and a little different, a coloured diamond is the perfect choice.

It takes high temperatures and intense pressure at a considerable depth to form a natural diamond. To form coloured or ‘fancy’ diamonds, it means a defect or impurity has become trapped in the crystal structure, which produces remarkable colours like pink, chocolate, orange, yellow, blue and green. This is a highly rare occurrence, which is why coloured diamonds are so extraordinary and valuable.

For centuries, people have been seeking out these stunning and highly valuable stones. The Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia is the world’s largest supplier of natural pink and chocolate (or champagne) diamonds, and the only mine in the world to produce a reliable and consistent supply of stones.

Natural fancy coloured diamonds are already known as one of the most extreme rarities in the world today. Of the coloured diamond family, pink diamonds are the second to rarest colour found; so you can imagine how unique a high quality stone of this colour actually is.

The beauty of choosing a fancy diamond is you have the freedom to pick exactly what you like – the intensity of the colours vary widely, so you can pick your perfect shade.


Choosing a coloured stone can make for a truly unique engagement ring. You could opt for a favourite colour or birthstone to make your engagement ring stand out from the crowd. It’s a perfect way to make this meaningful occasion even more sentimental.


While diamonds are the classic choice, sometimes you just want a little something extra. Coloured gemstones are a perfect way to express your personality or add the perfect finishing touch to an outfit. Look for gemstones with a high-quality vibrant colour. Most importantly, they should not be opaque, but should be translucent in clarity and cut to maximise their beauty.

We have a stunning range of coloured gemstones available to us including the well-known red ruby, blue sapphire,
green emerald and also the lesser known pink/salmon morganite, apple tourmaline, green tsavorite and mandarin garnet.


Sapphires also come in a huge range of colours – yellow, orange, pink, green, purple through to black.

If we don’t have the perfect diamond or gemstone for you, we can source it especially for you.
Call in and see us today – our team would love to help you select the perfect choice.