Aren’t Pearls Lovely?

Pearls… How Do You Know if They’re Real or Imitation?

A lot of experience helps, but there are a few indicators that may help you figure out whether Granny’s pearls are the real deal or sentimental value only.

First, have a look at how they are threaded.

Are they individually knotted or alternated with a silicon bead?
Good pearls usually are threaded this way, but not all pearls will be.

Are they cold to touch?
Generally, pearls that have been sitting away in a drawer will feel cold but will warm when wearing against the skin. Imitation pearls are less likely to have this temperature variation.

Are they perfectly smooth?
Real pearls are unlikely to be perfectly smooth as they’re grown inside a mussel or oyster shell. Imitation pearls are likely to be perfectly smooth.

Are they perfectly round and similar in size (exclude graduated pearls)?
Often real pearls will show slight changes in shape and size, however, high-quality pearls can be very well matched.

Take a look at the drill holes
If they’re centred and perfectly even then they’re more likely to be good
quality pearls. Imitation pearls tend to have uneven drill holes and may be off-centre.

Real pearls will tend to have a depth to their colour with lustre, and be slightly reflective.
Imitation pearls may over time show the outside coating peeling away, often obvious around the drill holes.
If you’re still not sure whether your pearls are worth keeping or if they’re in need of re-threading then pop down to the store and have a chat with one of the team.

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