How does your jewellery reflect your personality?

We’ve all heard about personality types – introverts, extroverts, drama queens, wallflowers, organised, disorganised, kind, ambitious… In fact, you’ve probably done quizzes in Girlfriend magazine that tell you you’re “the life of the party”, “reliable but fun”, or that you “prefer popcorn and a DVD to a party”

You know what your personality traits are. You know that you’d rather curl up with a good book and a glass of wine than go out on a Friday night and that you operate best in organised chaos. You know that your mum loves a good party, (and, with enough wine, that she might end up dancing on the table with your Aunt Rosa while they belt out Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing,) and if you open her pantry, you’ll find her spices displayed in alphabetical order.

Knowing your personality is one thing, but have you ever thought about how what you wear reflects your personality? Here at Showcase Jewellers, we know that different pieces of jewellery evoke different emotions, and we choose different pieces to wear depending on how we’re feeling, and what we like. It’s not always obvious though – if I’m feeling sad or down, I might choose my brightest, happiest piece to cheer myself up – there’s nothing quite like seeing bold sparkles and colour in the mirror to brighten your day.

What we like is determined by our personalities, and we notice the same thing in our customers.
This month we’re shining a spotlight on rubies. Rubies evoke such a feeling of drama, energy, and passion. Rubies and the colour red have been favoured by nobility for centuries, for jewellery, cloaks, crowns, walls and floors – it’s no mistake that the strip of carpet our modern-day celebs rock down while dressed to the nines is red!

Red exudes confidence, and this reflects the personality of its wearer. You either like red or you don’t – not liking red doesn’t mean you’re not confident – but you should try on a ruby for size anyway, you might find you love it!

Ruby is the birthstone for those lucky people born in July – and is also the gemstone for the 40th wedding anniversary. Knowing what rubies represent I think it’s fitting that it’s the stone for people who have been in love for so long.

Rubies are fire. Rubies are love. Rubies are passion.

Sound like the perfect stone for yourself or someone you love? Come and see us today at Showcase Jewellers and, whether you’re outgoing and full of fire or a secret passion queen, we’ll find the ruby piece that matches your personality perfectly.