It’s easy being green

Let’s talk about green. Green is the colour of nature, life, the Planet Earth. Green is fresh, healthy, natural and environmentally friendly. And who doesn’t love our favourite green friend, Kermit the Frog.

We love all colours of gemstones at Showcase Jewellers. Green to us represents life and all things fresh and natural. When your paddock is green it means it can provide nourishing feed for your stock. When the bush is green it means there is an abundance of life-giving resources for the wildlife. When trees start to show the first green tips on the ends of their twisted brown branches, we know that the end of winter is near, and they will soon burst forth with beautiful spring blossoms.

No one can deny that green is beautiful, and in the case of peridot, its shades of olive green are both modern and classic.

The lucky people born in August have peridot as their birthstone.


Peridot is an ancient gemstone and has been treasured for centuries, dating all the way back to the Egyptian Pharaohs. In fact, stones that were once believed to be emeralds have since been identified as peridot. Mining of peridot in the ancient world began about 300 BC

Peridot can range in shades from a rich browny-green, olive-green, to a yellowy-green. Sometimes, in rare cases, peridot can be a purer vibrant green colour, which has caused it to be confused with an emerald. The tint and intensity of the green depends on the percentage of iron that the gemstone contains.


Peridot is a form of olivine, which is reasonably abundant, but the peridot variation is very rare. Believe it or not, peridot can be found in emissions of lava from the depths of the earth, and amazingly, in meteorites – it can literally be from out of this world. It’s no wonder then, why filmmakers often portrayed aliens as green.

Imagine having a gemstone that once flew out of a volcano or rode on a meteorite through outer space, crashed through the ozone layer and danced across the sky in a spectacular display of light, and wearing it around your neck or on your finger. How precious and unbelievable would that feel!

Come and see us at Showcase Jewellers Te Awamutu to see this amazing stone for yourself.