Length Matters

When it comes to choosing the right necklace, length matters. A choker can be a bold statement piece that elevates a little black dress to a glamorous look. A low-hanging, thin-chained necklace can make a casual tee-shirt look chic and sophisticated. Here is a cheat sheet to selecting the right length.

35cm – This is referred to as a choker style. Fits close to the neck and sits above the neck of most clothing. Perfect for anything casual to formal clothes that keep the neckline open, from v-neck shirts to strapless tops or dresses.

40cm – Sits nicely on most collar lines, maybe slightly above or below depending on your size. Wear this with open or high necklines for an elegant look.

45cm – This is the most common length. Rests elegantly against the collarbone, making this a popular choice for women. This is versatile enough to be paired with anything from little black dresses to sweaters and open-collared shirts.

50cm – Sits just below the collarbone. Perfect for a casual or business look, and this has a slimming effect as it draws the eye in a vertical line.

55cm – Lays above the bust or falls slightly below it. Use this with a buttoned-down blouse or even a strapless top or dress. For the latter, the necklace can drape slightly over the dress to lend sophistication to the look.

70-90cm – This length is very versatile as it goes straight over your head without the need for a clasp. Ideal for beads or statement pieces and large pendants often look more balanced at this length and longer. A bold colour or a large pendant at this length will be the focal point of your outfit.

100cm – can be knotted in the middle as a feature, or, if it has a clasp, it can be wound around the neck twice in layers.

The different necklace lengths also give you lots of room to experiment, and, more
importantly, have fun with the look you want! You can layer different lengths together for a flexible, modern look as well.

Our wonderful chain and pearl strand suppliers can make any length to suit. We can personalise an order by requesting a ‘finished’ length.

Body shape makes a big difference to the best length: one size does not fit all in this case. What we are trying to achieve is either attention to or deflection from the bust. Longer length chains and pendants draw the eye down and shorter brings the attention up. Often it pays to avoid the length that drops between.

Come and see us to try the different chain lengths and see which is best for you.