Planning a proposal?

The Engagement ring is the lasting memory of the celebration of your life together. When choosing the perfect ring, keep in mind the diamond shape that suits your future fiancé’s personality and style. Here are some ideas to provide inspiration…

Custom made might sound complicated and expensive, but it’s not. You get the freedom to work within your budget using our guidance and expertise, and it adds a personal touch when you choose your own diamond and band. It is worth noting the half carat round brilliant diamond is the most popular choice for a solitaire.

A stunning square halo diamond cluster engagement ring with matching diamond wedding band, makes for an elegant bridal set and is a much requested style.

This is a ring that can tell a story. A three-stone ring symbolises the three stages of your relationship: past, present and future. Or some may say it represents, friendship, love and devotion.

A diamond cluster ring is a collection of diamonds that are usually of a similar size. A cluster with a bigger central diamond can appear to be one large diamond in comparison to the single stone diamond.

We aim to take the confusion and complexity out of choosing an engagement ring as we believe this is a process you should enjoy. Plus, our ‘Satisfaction Check’ will give you peace of mind knowing your jewellery will always be well looked after.

If you are thinking about proposing, here are 5 key tips to help you choose the right engagement ring.

ONE: If you’re not sure where to start, the answer is diamond shape. Whether you’re shopping together or alone for your future fiancé, the shape of the diamond should be the place to start. It sets the scene for the remaining ring-related decisions like cost, setting and side stones.

TWO: Want to go as large as possible but the budget’s saying no? OUR TOP TIP: Buy just shy of the carat weight you want: 0.8 carat, for example, can be nearly 20% less than one carat, but looks close in size.

THREE: Another size-trick is to consider a diamond with a large table facet. Oval, pear-shaped and marquise cuts all have an elongated shape and can create the illusion of a larger diamond.

FOUR: Guys – you should like the ring you buy, but remember it’s your future fiancé who will be wearing it forever. So pay very close attention to her personal style and her existing jewellery. Does she wear yellow or white gold, or is silver her metal of choice? If she is drawn to classic and simple designs, a solitaire is probably a good bet. If she is wild and eccentric, you’ll want something more unique. Still unsure? Ask her mother or girlfriends.

FIVE: Always enquire about the store’s exchange policy, in case you (or she) becomes unsure about the chosen stone. Getting the perfect size can be tricky, make sure to ask about the sizing policy and costs. And remember to insure the ring for its documented value as soon as it’s in your possession.

Remember: The quality of the diamond is particularly important. Quality over quantity is the rule here. A slightly smaller diamond with superior cut, colour and clarity that has amazing life and sparkle wins every time over a larger dull inferior diamond. Less can be more when choosing a diamond.

We know diamonds inside and out, and will stop at nothing to ensure we find the perfect one for you. Included in our service is an after-sales Satisfaction Check, when we ensure your ring is fitting comfortably and show you how to care for it. You will receive a reminder from us annually for 10 years for a FREE check and clean. Call in and see us today – our team would love to help you select the perfect choice.