Planning to Propose? 5 Engagement Ring Tips You Need to Know

Guys (or girls – it is a leap year after all!) – if you are thinking about proposing, here are 5 key tips to help you choose the right engagement ring.

ONE: If you’re not sure where to start, the answer is diamond shape. Whether you’re shopping together or alone for your future fiancé, the shape of the diamond should be your first port of call. It sets the scene for the remaining ring-related decisions like cost, setting and side stones.

TWO: Want to go as large as possible but the budget’s saying no? Buy just shy of the carat weight you want: 0.8 carat, for example, can be nearly 20% less than one carat, but looks close in size.

THREE: Another size-trick is to buy a stone with a large table facet. Oval, pear-shaped and marquise cuts all have an elongated shape and can create the illusion of a larger diamond.

FOUR: Guys: you should like the ring you buy, but remember it’s your future fiancé who will be wearing it forever. So pay very close attention to her personal style and her existing jewellery. Does she wear yellow or white gold, or is silver her metal of choice? If she is drawn to classic and simple designs, a solitaire is probably a good bet. If she is wild and eccentric, you’ll want something more unique. Still unsure? Ask her mother or girlfriends.

FIVE: Always enquire about the store’s exchange policy, in case you (or she) becomes unsure about the chosen stone. And remember to insure the ring for its documented value as soon as it’s in your possession.

We have a beautiful range of engagement rings in store – from the classic solitaire diamonds to coloured diamonds and more unique stones like emerald, amethyst and sapphire. Our team are always happy to provide advice to ensure you end up with the perfect ring – just call in and see us.