Showcasing Karen Walker

Karen Walker has become quite a New Zealand and international icon in a tough industry. She famously launched her career in 1987 with two t shirts and $100. Now you can’t even buy one of her t shirts for $100!

Karen Walker has created a name for herself in all things wearable fashion, including (but not limited to) clothing, sunglasses, handbags, and, our obvious favourite, jewellery.

She is known for playing with convention, with androgynous clothing designs and combining different styles and fabrics – like floral and camo print – in new ways. She is popular with people from all walks of life – from local Kiwis to Hollywood celebrities. Her over the top sunglasses are a hit with Lady Gaga and Rhianna, among many other big names.

Karen Walker jewellery is very edgy and a little left field. One of her early pieces was a cigarette butt – with rose and white gold making up the butt, and black diamonds the ash on the end. Women who wear Karen Walker jewellery like to express their own style and are not afraid to push the boundaries. Her jewellery certainly isn’t boring!

From a small store in Auckland, Karen Walker’s designs are now available in 42 countries, 200 cities, and 1020 stores around the world. She is consistently winning awards and has been ranked in the Business of Fashion’s BoF 500, a list of the top 500 people shaping the fashion industry, for the last six years.

We stock a large range of Karen Walker jewellery here at Showcase Jewellers Te Awamutu, and her pendants and rings are consistently on our best seller lists. Her range varies in price, from under $100 to over $2000 – there is something for everyone.

“With my fine jewellery range I want to bring luxury into every day. Why wait for big nights out to wear your gold and diamonds? You only live once and you might as well have the thrill of precious jewellery every day. Combining whimsy with tradition and craft is also important to me. With this range I’ve created a line of fine jewellery pieces that are simultaneously playful, modern and elegant”– Karen Walker

We have assembled collection below of some of our favourite Karen Walker pieces, including her new ‘Love Letters’ range, available as charms, earrings, and necklaces. Wear your own initials, or initials of loved ones, spell out a name, or choose letters that have meaning to you. An ‘xo’ could be a nice gift for that special someone in your life perhaps…?

Come in and see these, and many more pieces by Karen in-store at Showcase Jewellers Te Awamutu today.