The Rise of the Right Hand Ring

Worldwide, right hand rings are gaining momentum in popularity. Women are no longer waiting to be gifted a ring. They are opting to purchase a statement ring for themselves – one to match their personality and sense of style.

Right hand rings are about women buying diamonds or gemstones for themselves, rather than waiting for Mr Right to come along – or waiting for their other half to gift them something. They are a challenge to the traditional marital symbol and represent independence and worthiness.

A prime example is the old adage ‘Your left hand says ‘we’, your right hand says ‘me’ – which speaks to the thinking behind right hand rings. Women are out-educating men and are forging ahead with brilliant careers, in numbers unseen by any generation before. So it’s unsurprising that women’s consumer behaviour is shifting too, into a spirit of independence and a mindset of buying something for ‘me’.

Many women actually prefer their right hand rings to their traditional engagement rings because they can be more of a statement – a bold reflection of their personal style and taste. They are a means to project style and personal success, and are a reflection of good fortune.

When’s the right time to buy a right hand ring? There isn’t one – right hand rings are for anyone at any time. That said, common purchase times are milestone birthdays and other special occasions like graduation or a pay rise at work. Basically, any event or occurrence that’s about you and you alone. One which you wish to commemorate with something nice. It’s about being proud of who you are, rewarding your ambition, and the value of living your own, authentic life. And that applies irrespective of whether there’s a Mr Right on the scene.

The beauty of the right hand ring is that there are so many styles to choose from and no rules to follow. You might want to consider your birthstone for inspiration. Or, if you want flexibility, stackable rings are a great option – opt for a bit of sparkle with 2 or 3 rings, or go all out and have 5. Bright gemstones are also a popular addition to enhance a piece of diamond jewellery.
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