Turn back to a simpler time

One of my earliest memories is of my grandfather’s watch. He’d leave it on the sideboard in the dining room after work every day, right next to the fruit bowl. His watch had a stretchy metal band that pulled the hair on my arms when I tried it on. It was big and heavy, and its face was all scratched because it had a hard life all day on the farm. Grandad had a ‘good’ watch for when he went out – I put ‘good’ in quotation marks because it was exactly the same as his work one, just less beat up.

With people carrying cell phones everywhere they go these days, watches can be overlooked as a wardrobe or jewellery box essential, but this is a mistake. Watches are convenient – you don’t have to reach into your pocket or handbag to see how late you’re running – in fact, you’re probably not even running late, because the time was right there on your wrist all day! And watches ooze sophistication and style – they connect you with a simpler time, and show you’re not reliant on the latest technology, you’re deeper than that. Ok, so, maybe this is a stretch, but at least you won’t be lured into checking your Facebook notifications every time you check what the time is!

We can’t argue that watches have become more of a fashion choice than a necessity for some, with the look and feel of a watch being crucial to their selection.

Boccia (bow-she-aye) watches are both fashionable and functional. Made from titanium, they are durable enough to go with you to places your cell phone cannot. Boccia use pure titanium, meaning there is no nickel or any other metals mixed in, and is hypo-allergenic – people with metal allergies can wear pure titanium watches and jewellery without having to worry about their skin itching and going red.

Boccia watches fit like no other. They can be adjusted to fit your wrist perfectly – don’t put up with your watch rotating around your arm like a bangle, clunking into things and making you look like you’re wearing Grandad’s farm watch – choose a watch that will fit nicely and always look smart.

We have a great range of Boccia watches in-store, men’s and women’s, elegant and rugged. Come in and see us and we’ll help you find the watch for you.