Why Watches Make Such Good Gifts (and How to Choose the Right One)

How many times do we hear of men who have the one watch and wear this everywhere they go? Watches aren’t designed to be multi-purpose or one size fits all. In an ideal world, we would all own two watches – a casual/sports watch, and a dress watch.

A casual or sports watch is designed for outdoor activities or to wear down on the farm. A good, reliable option is a G-Shock watch (approximate spend $149) as they take the knocks and bangs well.

A dress or presentation watch is ideal to wear in the office or when going out. We recommend Seiko dress watches which are strong and water resistant, yet stylish and classic. Seiko have their own factories specialising in making just Seiko watches, which results in a high quality product.

Watches are so important for men, given that they wear little jewellery. A watch is essentially their statement piece and an expression of their personality and can either make or break an outfit. Have you ever seen a man dressed smartly in a fine suit with nice shoes, but on his wrist you can see a watch with a rubber strap? This one small detail undoes all the good the rest of the outfit has achieved.

If you know a man in this situation or who does the reverse and wears their dress watch down on the farm, then it is definitely a good idea to gift them the watch they need for Christmas.

When choosing a watch, consider technology. The exciting Fossil Smart Watches are new to the market and come in a range of stunning styles. Receive important notifications straight to your wrist, control your music, track your fitness and much more.

A few more tips for choosing a watch:

  • In terms of movement, quartz watches are the most reliable for timekeeping.
  • Be aware of parallel imports as they don’t have a warranty with the New Zealand wholesaler of that brand and it can be difficult to get spare parts.

If you are stuck for a gift idea, watches are a practical, yet thoughtful present. Come and view our fantastic array of watches in store – our team would love to help you choose the perfect option.