Diamond rings – from then and now

From 100s AD Rome to 2018 Te Awamutu – it’s been quite a journey!

The first known diamond ring was from the late 100s AD believe it or not! It was discovered in Rome, and it contained an uncut diamond. Although it is believed to have belonged to a young girl, no one knows if it was a symbol of love, marriage, or any other type of ring.

Humans have known for a long time that diamonds are strong and have always considered them to be valuable, even though the tools and processes to cut them and reveal their sparkle and shine weren’t developed until hundreds of years after the first ring was worn.

Diamonds and diamond rings haven’t always been a ‘must have’ for an engaged couple. Throughout history there have been many different traditions around the promise of marriage, from breaking a piece of gold then drinking wine together to being presented with a thimble – the top of which was cut off and worn as a ring after the couple was married. Different cultures have different origins and histories, and the exact beginnings of an engagement ring as we know it today are a bit fuzzy.

The first documented use of a diamond ring to represent betrothal was in 1475 in Italy. At the wedding of Constanzo Sforza and Cammila D’Aragona, the following poem was read: “Two wills, two hearts, two passions are bonded in one marriage by a diamond”. It has a lovely ring to it don’t you think?

Over the next three hundred years, diamonds and diamond rings became more commonly used to symbolise love and marriage. In the Georgian Era of the 18th century, simple posy rings were traditionally used as wedding bands. During this time, women began wearing ‘keeper’ rings of rose cut diamonds set in silver and gold on each side of their wedding band, to accent it and protect it. This is like the eternity bands we wear today.

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