For the love of Dad

Father’s Day is fast approaching, which has got us thinking about our dads here at Showcase Jewellers. Our dads mean a lot to us – they are an entirely unique species of human who we couldn’t do without.

My dad was often referred to as “Daddy Fik It” – when we were little. He was a chartered accountant and wore a 3-piece suit to work but was happiest working outside in his old shirt and corduroy trousers. No problem was too big to fix – whether it be our high school math homework or stripping the car engine back and putting it all back together again. Sometimes we didn’t want Daddy to “fik it” – we wanted a new one.

I remember that I had this little doll about 7cm high – it fitted in my dolls house. The arms and legs moved – but one day the arm broke off. Dad wasn’t very hopeful for a repair – but he took it out to the garage to see what could be done. She came back – better than ever. He’d cut down one of mum’s dress maker pins and used that to secure the arm on so it still moved. That pin never came out. My doll was just like new.

When we think of dads collectively, some stereotyped characteristics quickly jump out – dad jokes, manning the barbecue, watching rugby, fishing, camping, lawn mowing, hogging the tv remote. This doesn’t by any means encompass all dads – every dad is different and has his own set of likes and dislikes. Vanessa’s dad always wore a tie clip on special occasions, and Kim’s dad has always been fanatic about his classic car. All of us can recall our dads whistling.

Your dad might wear a suit to work, or love computers, or would choose to be fishing above anything else.
Because all dads are different, we have selected a diverse range of items to feature this week. If you don’t see something you like here, come in and see us – we have an amazing selection for the man in your life, including clocks, greenstone pendants, and more.

We’d like to honour all dads here at Showcase Jewellers – farmer dads, lame joke dads, serious dads, silly dads, stay-at-home dads, single dads, old dads, young dads, and most of all loving dads.

We would love to help you to find the perfect gift to honour your dad for Father’s Day.