How to Buy an Engagement Ring

Okay guys – it’s not that difficult. Here’s how to buy an engagement ring in 3 easy steps.

Buying an engagement ring is just like buying a new car. The more you know about what features you want and your budget, the easier it is to narrow down the make and model.

Like diamonds, no two girls are the same, and they all have different ideas of what would be their perfect diamond ring. So, when it comes to choosing a ring, it pays to do a bit of research first and find out what she likes.

Step 1 – Style
Is her jewellery more classic and simpler or glamourous and vibrant? What colour jewellery does she wear? Yellow, rose or white gold (silver, platinum etc)? Factor in the type of work she does, or lifestyle she leads? This will give us a good indication on what will suit. For example, someone working with children, animals etc may suit a ring with a lower profile or rub-over setting that is less likely to catch and will protect the stone better. Check-in with her best friend or sister to see if they know what she likes.

Step 2 – Stone
Would your partner prefer a diamond or coloured stone e.g. sapphire? Think about the shape of the stone – round, square (princess cut), oval or cushion … keep your ears open for any hints or pictures she’s shown you. Have you thought about whether you’d like a traditional mined stone, or lab-grown stones and remember quality always beats quantity.

Step 3 – The Service
This will give your jeweller an idea as to what type of rings to show you and what kind of setting to choose so the ring you choose will be loved and is a quality design to suit her lifestyle. Don’t worry if some of this is completely foreign to you, it’s now up to the jeweller’s team to explain and guide you on everything about diamonds, gemstones and engagement rings.

With Showcase Jewellers we go one better by providing a completely free downloadable guide on ‘Buying an engagement ring – all you need to know” and a one-page cheat sheet. They’re easy to read and follow. Check them out below.

View Our Guide

If you can’t find the ring you want from the store’s selection or want to design your own ring, then plan to give your jeweller at least three months to produce your ring! Remember that it’s unlikely the jeweller will have exactly what you’re after when you visit. Have a chat with them, discuss your ideas, let them show you alternatives or ideas to narrow your search down and then give them time to research the best outcome for you.

As with Mainland Cheese … “Good things take time”