How to choose the right piece of jewellery for special occasions

Some of the most special occasions in life are celebrated with the giving of jewellery. Jewellery is a gift which lasts forever, becoming a family heirloom passed down through generations with memories treasured forever.


Becoming more common is a special jewellery gift from a proud new father to the mother of his child, also known as a ‘push present’. It’s a great opportunity to gift her something she’s had her eye on for a while, or surprise her with something special – personalise it by adding the baby’s birthstone or have it inscribed with the baby’s name. Although ‘push presents’ are traditionally from the father to the new mother, there’s no reason the gift cannot be reciprocated with an engraved ring for dad too!


The eternity ring symbolises lasting love and everything it can endure. It is given to mark an important occasion in a couple’s relationship, traditionally for the 10th wedding anniversary or the birth of the first baby. Worn alongside the engagement ring and wedding band, traditionally an eternity ring was an unbroken circle of diamonds. However, this was uncomfortable to wear and unpractical as the stones underneath the hand were damaged easily. To address this issue, eternity rings now have stones set across just the top half of the ring.


Anniversaries of love or marriage are perfect times to celebrate with jewellery. There are both modern and traditional gifts associated with wedding anniversaries, but there are also specific gemstones allocated to each year. For the first anniversary, you’d normally give the gift of gold jewellery, diamonds are commonly given for the tenth anniversary and rubies on your 40th wedding anniversary.


See advice from your local jeweller: Jewellers often have ‘go-to’ recommendations they make for specific occasions. They’ll ask you a few questions to help get you on the right track – you may even learn some important information that makes it easier to shop for jewellery in the future.

Pay attention to their tastes and style: Thinking of buying someone a piece of jewellery? Spend some time examining their tastes, look at what they wear most often, and consider their job and lifestyle as you choose.

If in doubt, choose classic pieces: If you’re unsure, it’s a safe bet to choose classic pieces that won’t date. Choose items with simple lines and classic stones and metals – think diamond earrings, a set of pearls, or a simple bracelet.

There are so many occasions where jewellery can make the perfect gift, talk to us the next time you’re shopping for a birthday, graduation gift, Christmas, or for that ‘just because’ gift.