How to choose the right piece of jewellery for special occasions

When you invest in good quality jewellery you want it to last, and the best way to make sure your jewellery stays in top condition, is to maintain and care for it in the right ways. Here are some of our top tips for caring for your jewellery…

The golden rule of jewellery is L.O.F.O ‘last on, first off’. Your jewellery should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off – this is because makeup, perfume and hairspray can damage your jewellery. It’s also a good idea to gently wipe your jewellery clean to remove skin oils and makeup before storing.

Don’t wear your diamond or coloured stone jewellery at the gym, gardening, cleaning with bleach, in the cow shed, or when doing rough work, as they can be chipped by a hard knock. And please, don’t wear your jewellery or watches to bed. Earring posts can get bent, bracelets and chains can get pulled and broken. The stones and settings of your rings (and your sleeping companion) are at risk during a restless sleep. Mattresses can be dusty, this dust can get into the movement of your watch. The rubbing on the watch can also cause it to become magnetised.

Don’t keep your jewellery all together in the one place. Diamonds in particular, can scratch other diamonds and also other jewellery. Ideally store diamonds separately in padded boxes or soft bags. Make sure your chains are done up to avoid the terrible tangle.

Team trick – store them in separate plastic ziplock bags.

Regularly inspect your jewellery to check the settings are secure. Diamond and coloured stone jewellery should be checked by a jeweller once a year to ensure the settings are still strong and have a professional clean so they retain their beauty over time.

Clean your stone set jewellery regularly. We recommend Connoisseurs Jewellery cleaner products (available in-store). There are different solutions for gold, silver and delicate jewellery such as opals. You can also gently scrub with an old, soft toothbrush, then rinse and dry with a clean cloth. Natural emeralds and semi-precious stones such as topaz and garnet also respond well to this treatment.

Call in-store to discuss with the team any concerns you may have with the care of your jewellery. We are happy to provide advice and have the correct products to keep your jewellery in tip top condition.