Sparkle All The Way

They say the best presents come in the smallest packages. I say the best presents are the ones that sparkle. Give the gift of jewellery and cover all your bases!


  1. We all know the best presents come in the smallest packages.
    You don’t find an ironing board in a neatly wrapped little box with a silver bow!
  2. Even better are gifts that sparkle!
    The smallest present AND it sparkles? Look who just got the best gift ever!
  3. They won’t have to find somewhere to put it.
    You don’t have to hang jewellery on the wall or clear room on the shelf.
  4. You don’t have to dust jewellery every month
    (I’m looking at you, floral teacup candle from two Christmases ago).
  5. You can never have too much jewellery
    “I’ve got too many pairs of earrings” said no one, ever.
  6. Jewellery is easy to post
    You won’t have to fork out more than you paid for the present to get it under the right tree in time for Christmas.
  7. Jewellery can fit any budget!
    Whether you’re getting diamond earrings for your wife or a necklace for your brother’s new girlfriend, there will be jewellery to fit the budget you have.
  8. Jewellery makes a person feel special
    You’ve taken the time to choose something especially for them, which can mean a lot.
  9. You don’t need to know their size.
    Don’t guess their t shirt size incorrectly and risk offending anyone! Earrings are one size fits all, and rings/chains/straps are easily altered.
  10. They’ll have a reminder of you all year round!
    They will be reminded of your love/care/thoughtfulness every time they open their jewellery box – earning you endless brownie points!