The 5 most popular diamond shapes

Diamonds are known as a ‘girl’s best friend’ and are the most common choice for engagement and wedding rings. A diamond’s cut refers to its symmetry and proportion, each flat face on a diamond is called a facet. A diamond’s beauty and sparkle depends on the skill of the diamond cutter and how well they do their job. Here are the five most popular diamond shapes

The round brilliant diamond is the most popular shape since 1919. Around 75% of all diamonds sold for jewellery are of this variety. Round brilliant diamonds cost more per carat than fancy shapes because more of the rough diamond is lost when cut. A round brilliant has 58 facets, which makes it better at reflecting and refracting light than fancy diamond shapes. This is one reason they’re so popular.

The princess cut diamond was first created in 1980, the face-up shape of the princess cut is square and the profile shape is similar to that of an inverted pyramid with four bevelled sides. This is the most popular fancy cut available – a fancy cut diamond is any shape that is not a round cut. The princess cut is usually used for engagement rings and works with any style of ring, making it a popular choice.

Cushion cut diamonds are a square cut with rounded corners, much like a pillow, hence the name. This cut has been around for 200 years and is popular for people who prefer the classic look. Cushion cut diamonds often have better fire than round brilliant diamonds, which is part of their appeal – a diamond’s fire is the coloured sparkle you can see when the stone is exposed to light.

Emerald cut diamonds are probably the most unique cut available. Only 3% of diamonds used for jewellery are emerald cut. They have a very vintage and distinct look and tend to look larger due to the nature of the cut. Emerald cut diamonds produce a hall-of-mirrors effect, with the interplay of light and dark planes. The shape was originally developed for the cutting of emeralds.

The Asscher cut diamond is very similar to the emerald cut, they were most popular back in the 1920s. The Asscher cut was first produced in 1902 by the Asscher Brothers of Holland, famous at the time for cutting the world’s largest rough stone (the Cullinan, at 3,106 carats). Around 2002, this shape began to make a comeback, prompted by cut modifications which gave the shape more brilliance than traditional Asscher cut diamonds.

When choosing a diamond, make sure to know what you really like. Diamonds are forever, so make sure you love it. We know diamonds inside and out, and will ensure we find the perfect one for you. Call in and see us today – our team would love to help you make the perfect choice.