The Essential ‘dos and Don’ts’ When Buying a Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets are more than just jewellery. They are an accessory to capture and remind us of special memories, major milestones, hobbies, and interests unique to our lives.

If you’re thinking of starting a charm bracelet, here are five essential ‘dos and don’ts’ to help you make a good decision.

  1. Always choose the bracelet first. The bracelet is a logical starting point and its style determines which types of charms are compatible. It will need to be capable of carrying a lot of weight. Make sure it is robust with a good strong catch.
  2. Research the different types of charms available. There are many options out there – glass charms, colourful charms, and those made from precious metals and gemstones. Become familiar with all the options to make your charm bracelet the ultimate accessory.
  3. Consider quality over cost. A cheaper charm bracelet and charms may seem appealing, however, some lower-cost options have inexpensive clasps which can end up breaking, and charms made of cheaper metals can discolour. Remember, charm bracelets are a long-term jewellery item which you want to last for years to come.
  4. Add some colour. Don’t just stick to silver or gold, even though they are safe options to match all outfits. Look for charms which add a splash of colour to make the bracelet pop, especially if your bracelet allows for interchangeable charms.
  5. Trust your instincts. There are so many charm options it can be hard to make a decision. Go with your gut feeling when making your selection.

    Why have charm bracelets been popular for so long?
    Charm bracelets have been popular since 400-600 BC when they were used to ward off bad luck. They have evolved from traditional dangling charms to styles featuring interchangeable beads and clip-on charms (like Thomas Sabo and Pandora).

    You can create a personalised piece of jewellery which means so much, tells your story, and looks fantastic – all reasons why charm bracelets are so popular.

    How to care for charm bracelets.
    Maintenance of charm bracelets is important – it is a moving part so won’t last forever. Different charms require different care. Sterling silver charms can be cleaned with a silver cleaner, however, enamel charms require extra care and a cloth should be used to clean these rather than a liquid.

    Our team are always happy to share tips for looking after charm bracelets – just call in-store and ask.