The meaning and significance behind pink gemstones

Whether you’re choosing an engagement ring or a dress ring, a pink diamond, sapphire or tourmaline ring is a beautiful choice. Their intricate colour variations make them exotic and unusual. And when it comes to engagement rings, the feminine beauty of these pink stones is perfect to symbolise the beautiful love a couple shares as they begin their life together.


Pink diamonds are known to symbolize femininity, creativity, love and romance. An engagement ring with pink diamond is quite an apt way to convey your love especially if you’re looking for something rare, distinctive and a little different. To form coloured or ‘fancy’ diamonds, it means a defect or impurity has become trapped in the crystal structure, which produces remarkable colours. This is a highly rare occurrence, which is why coloured diamonds are so extraordinary and valuable.
The Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia is the world’s largest supplier of natural pink diamonds. Of the coloured diamond family, pink diamonds are the second to rarest colour found; so you can imagine how unique a high quality stone of this colour actually is. The beauty of choosing a fancy diamond is you have the freedom to pick exactly what you like – the intensity of the colours vary widely, so you can pick your perfect shade.


All sapphires are thought to be a symbol of wisdom, however each different coloured sapphire also carries its own meaning. Pink sapphires are believed to promote emotional well-being and kindness and generate feelings of love and acceptance. They are also said to be a stone of passion which brings joy to your relationships.
These gems are commonly treated with heat to preserve their natural beauty and to increase their colour and clarity. Finding an untreated pink sapphire in its natural state is very rare and usually comes with lab certification to prove it.


Pink tourmaline is said to bring joy, happiness and love into your life and enhance your passion for living. It encourages a cheerful and positive frame of mind and brings feelings of calm. This pretty pink crystal is high in lithium, which is said to help with emotions and moods and relieve feelings of stress. This stone is a perfect gift for your loved one, as it symbolises your desire for your love and relationship to last long into the future.
While flaws and inclusions normally detract from the beauty of a gem, pink tourmaline rings can actually be more valuable with flaws. Delicate inclusions help refract light through the stone, allowing even more colour variation than with a flawless gem.

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