This Christmas give the gift of time

Do you remember being told to go to bed so Santa will come? Waking up early on Christmas day and sneaking quietly to the tree in case Santa was still there? The delight you felt when you found a gift with your name on it but knowing you had to wait until everyone was gathered for the present opening?

Even now you still feel the excitement bubble up inside you and burst forth onto your face in the form of a big smile when that small, beautifully wrapped box is handed to you. Oh the anticipation as you slowly pull the ends of the gold ribbon and see the perfectly proportioned bow disappear before your eyes. You roll the ribbon around your hand and loop the end through to save it for next year because it’s that good quality ribbon, the stuff that doesn’t kink or fray or go brittle.

You turn the box around and open the triangle flap on each side and then turn it over to gently slide your index finger underneath the sticky tape on the bottom. You feel the tension in the paper go slack as the last of the binds that hold it together are released. You unfold that paper across your knees like a cloth napkin and meet eyes across the room with the one you love as you slowly open the hinged box to reveal the wonder within. You pull out the little plastic horseshoe that stopped your new watch from wasting its battery while it was in the store and hold the gaze of your loved one as the rhythmic tick, tick, tick, begins, counting the awkward moments that you have been gazing into each other’s eyes… one, two, three.

I’m sure you’ve realised by now where I’m going with this …so, to get to my point, give a watch as a present this year, and you’ll give your loved one the best present unwrapping moment of their life.* Buy it from us at Showcase Jewellers Te Awamutu, and we’ll even gift wrap it for you.

*results may vary