What Memories Are Made Of

What did you get for Christmas last year? Can you remember?

Looking back over my Christmases and birthdays, the gifts I remember best are the watch I got for school when I turned 5, my bike when I was six (Dad rescued it from the dump and restored it for me so it was silver and shone like new – who wouldn’t remember that?), a little bluebird necklace my nana gave me when I was 7, the heart-shaped silver signet ring I got for my 10th birthday, and a silver bangle I got to pick out when I was 15. Do you see a common theme in the gifts that are remembered best? This year, instead of giving a book voucher or a scented candle that will be quickly forgotten, give a piece of jewellery: a present that will be remembered and cherished for years to come (or a bike).

When selecting jewellery for someone else, have a think about their personal style. Do you often see them wearing dangly earrings or a big, colourful necklace? Do they opt for fine, delicate chains or big chunky ones? The fact that you’ve taken the time to notice and choose something just for them will make them feel extra special.

Our Christmas catalogue has a beautiful selection of jewellery in a range of styles and prices to cater for everyone. Whether you want a pair of earrings for your kid sister or a diamond necklace for your fiancé, you’ve come to the right place. The catalogue includes bracelets, pendants, earrings, rings and more. Look through the suggestions to see what matches your loved ones’ personalities the best or browse our website or cabinets in-store for more inspiration.

The collection we’ve put together for you below is aimed at (but not limited to) the little person in your life. Jewellery is like treasure to children, and a little girl opening a necklace or bracelet on Christmas morning will feel very grown up. When Nana gave me my little bluebird necklace, with a fine gold chain and a little crystal in its beak, I remember feeling very special and important. I used to check on it in every day for the first few weeks. I can still hear the music my little blue jewellery box played while a ballerina turned pirouettes when I wound up the handle at the back.

Finding a meaningful Christmas gift is well worth the effort. Come and see us at Showcase Jewellers Te Awamutu or visit our online store to see our range and view our Christmas catalogue.