What’s Making Coloured Gemstones So on-trend?

Coloured gemstones have experienced a tremendous popularity surge in recent years and this trend will continue to rise.

Why are they so popular? Well firstly, the rich and brightly coloured stones make for a very distinctive and striking ring. They add an element of excitement to make your ring truly stand out.

Our customers like that they can wear a ring which is more personal to them – the range of coloured stones available means you can choose a statement piece which reflects your particular personality and style.

Coloured stones can also offer bigger looks for less money than the traditional diamond. Many people are choosing to spend less on fine jewellery, but still want to wear something bold.

Blue stones such as sapphires are one of the most popular colours, with rubies, emeralds and amethysts also hot favourites.

The scarcity of coloured stones also adds to their appeal. Diamonds are rare – but many fine coloured gems are actually rarer. For example, tanzanite (an extraordinary blue/violet gemstone) is 1000 times rarer than diamonds, with only one mine in the world. Opting for a lesser-known stone can make your coloured ring stand out even more, especially if you couple this with an unusual cut over a classic cut.

Historically, coloured stones were one of the key elements of fine jewellery (take the crown jewels for example). Through the 1980s and 1990s, diamonds overshadowed coloured stones in popularity as people chose more conservative jewellery options, however, the trend is now moving back to individual pieces which make a statement.

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