Why we celebrate Valentine’s Day

According to legend, hundreds of years ago, a mean Roman Emperor outlawed marriage for young soldiers.

A priest called Valentine felt that this was unjust, so continued to marry young lovers in secret. When the Emperor found out, he ordered Valentine to death.

While in jail before his execution, Valentine fell in love with the jailer’s daughter, to whom he wrote a letter, and signed it with the now famous words: “From your Valentine”. And so, the Valentine’s Day Card was born.

Over 200 years afer his death, his execution day, February 14, was declared St Valentine’s Day by the reigning pope (Valentine had been made a saint for his work joining lovers after his death).

Society has come to celebrate St Valentine’s commitment to love by honouring their own loved ones on Valentine’s Day. What a wonderful way to honour a man who was prepared to risk everything, and eventually sacrificed his life, for love.

We have come a long way from a hastily scrawled note though, and nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like a card reading ‘from your Valentine’ attached to a beautiful piece of carefully selected jewellery from Showcase Jewellers Te Awamutu.


There are many theories about why we use a heart shape to symbolise love. A leading theory is that, during the seventh century B.C, a plant with heart-shaped seeds called Silphium was used for contraceptive purposes…the plant was so important to society that coins were created with the heart-shaped seedpod imprinted on them! I’m sure you can connect the dots here to see how use of the symbol evolved over time to represent love itself.


Here at Showcase Jewellers Te Awamutu, we can help you select a gif for your valentine that will last forever – jewellery won’t wilt like flowers or take up a lot of room like a giant fluffy teddy bear. Jewellery is romantic – and choosing a piece with a heart theme will ensure that your declaration of love is unmissable. Consider dainty heart-shaped earrings, a delicate necklace with a diamond sparkle, something modern, classic, or something a little different – the possibilities are endless.

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