How to Choose Earrings to Flatter Your Face Shape

Your earrings should always match your personal style but it’s more important to ensure they flatter your facial features. Here is an easy guide to make sure you wear the right earrings to suit your face shape.

If you aren’t sure what your face shape is, take a piece of soap or removable marker, stand in front of a mirror and trace the outline of your face, then step back to see.

Oval Face
Good news – if you have an oval face then most types of earrings will suit you. In particular, swinging and layered earrings are a great option. Drop earrings will accentuate your face shape and oval-shaped dangling earrings will create a particularly striking effect.

Round Face
The trick with a round face is to add the illusion of length. Choose long, thin and dangly earrings. Teardrops and angular designs are also a great choice. Avoid buttons and hoops – or any earrings which are circular in shape.

Square Faces
Square faces are those with a jawbone nearly at a 90-degree angle – the jaw, hairline, chin and forehead make a square. The goal here is to soften these angular facial features, which can be achieved by wearing earrings that are longer than they are wide. Opt for earrings which are dangly or styles with dimension. Teardrops, exaggerated shapes and round studs are all great options. Avoid square-shaped earrings.

Heart-Shaped Faces
If you have a heart-shaped face, you have a tapered chin, wider cheekbones and an angular jaw. To balance the face, hoops, inverted triangles and oval-shapes are all ideal earring options. Teardrops and chandeliers are also a great shape for this face type. Try to avoid earrings which taper at the bottom and studs.

Earrings are considered the most important accessory as they are the first piece of jewellery someone will notice. It can be tempting to wear earrings you like or which suit your outfit but don’t necessarily suit your face shape. Choosing the right shaped earrings for your face will accentuate your natural beauty and best features – and there are so many options out there, chances are you will find earrings which both suit you and that you love.

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